Why Gold Coast Holiday Rentals are the Best Choice

Australia’s Golden Coast is renowned worldwide for its delightful offerings. It is one of those must-see destinations, thousands of tourists therefore flock here every year.If you are one of the tens of thousands of visitors trooping to the Gold Coast, then you would certainly require good quality accommodation that can serve as your comfortable and luxurious base camp as you explore this beautiful part of Australia. The Gold Coast holiday rentals provide one of the best options for stays here.

When it comes to the Gold Coast holiday rentals, one of the best facilities that you can book is the Burleigh Beach Tower which is situated in the popular Burleigh Beach Heads area with its numerous attractions and activities along with heavenly views of the golden beaches and the sea. It is a suitable family rentals Gold Coast option for families looking for the best places to stay as they enjoy their holidays here thanks to its comfort and many amenities.

At the 17 storey building that is located in the heart of Gold Coast’s major tourist attractions, guests are able to catch a view of the beach and other nearby attractions. The building is near the best shops for those that are interested in shopping. Those that love a vibrant nightlife will find Gold Coast holiday rentals that are conveniently situated close to some of the best clubs and nightlife spots in the area. It is the complete package if you are looking for hassle-free accommodation and smooth holidays for you and your family. You can book holiday rentals easily by visiting the website page at http://www.bbt.com.au/gold-coast-holiday-rentals/.

The Gold Coast beach, fondly referred to as the paradise beach, is a major attraction and most of the guests that come here enjoy the proximity of its quality accommodation facility, its major attractions and activities. With very clean rooms that are equipped with modern facilities, friendly and well-trained staff, the Gold Coast holiday rentals simply aim to provide you with a memorable holiday experience.

Gold Coast Accommodation Apartment Rentals

With thousands of tourists visiting this area every year, it is advisable to opt for a good quality family holiday rentals unit free from the hustle and bustle. At the Burleigh Beach Tower, you will be assured of clean and comfortable place to stay where you can enjoy a very tranquil environment. The rooms at the facility that come in one or two bedrooms are designed for the tourist to find comfort and awesome experience. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with modern facilities.

The 17 storey building is strategically situated close to the best tourist attractions in the Gold Coast. The service provided by the staff is simply unrivalled and that is why many choose this place every year to enjoy their holidays. There is an online booking platform that helps the guests to easily book a room at the Burleigh Beach Tower. The accommodation facility is highly rated by many visitors.

Thanks to the modern facilities and the first-class service offered here. For more details, visit Burleigh Beach Tower.

Planning a Romantic Getaway: Your Definitive Guide

Whether you have been together for several years or at the early stages of dating, a romantic getaway is always a welcome surprise. It provides an opportunity to reconnect with your partner and share an intimate moment together – somewhere romantic where you can relish the time spent with each other. Planning romantic getaways NSW can quickly turn into something stressful for the couple, however. But it should not be. With a little research and adequate planning, you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your romantic escapade than you think possible.
For the best romantic getaways NSW has for you, here are a few tips to consider in the planning process:
Tip 1: Set a budget plan.
One of the most common sources of stress for couples planning romantic getaways in NSW is the budget. If you are planning to getaway for the weekend, then you would not expect to be spending lots of money. However, anyone who has planned travel before knows how quickly the costs could add up. Instead of making it the source of stress, use your budget as a basis for choosing what activities you can do and where you will be staying for your quick escapade.
Tip 2: Location is key.
When researching ideas for your NSW romantic getaways, think a lot about the location you choose. Again, this will also be dependent on the available budget. But if you can book a weekend stay at a romantic resort or somewhere exotic, then go for it! Preferably, choose a location that offers privacy for the both of you. Access to romantic sceneries would also be a bonus! It is for this same reason why a lot of tourists opt to visit New South Wales because the location provides several options for romantic dates.
Tip 3: Avoid the crowds.
As mentioned above, book a stay somewhere private so you can enjoy your moment together. Avoid destinations that will be crowded easily, especially if you are planning your getaway on a weekend.
Tip 4: Add touches of romance to your vacation.
When planning a romantic getaway, it is completely acceptable to be a little cheesy. If you are a man, you can take extra effort to make your woman feel special during the day. For example, prepare a little surprise for her such as a candle-lit dinner or a bouquet of flowers waiting for her at the resort. You will be surprised at how much they will remember the little details of your romantic getaways NSW. On the flip side, women can also offer to cook for your partner, which is a good idea if you are choosing a self-catered accommodation. Be creative and unpredictable to make the surprise count.
If you are planning a trip to the New South Wales, or perhaps looking to experience romantic getaways NSW has for you, book a stay at Bannisters. The access to natural beauty and wonderful sights provides a seemingly limitless array of romantic escapades for any couple, whatever your type of adventure might be. To learn more about what activities you can enjoy during your stay, check out http://www.bannisters.com.au/romantic-getaways-nsw/ for details.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most popular trails in the South American tourist circuit. The ancient trail is not too far; it is only 26 miles long but the trail usually takes a whopping four days. This ancient trail was created by the Incas and begins from the Sacred Valley to the Machu Picchu. It winds its way both up and down around the mountains and you will snake your way through several Andean passes on your route through the trail.

There is so much to sample here during your journey on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu including the snowy mountains peaks, the many cool and distant rivers as well as the mountain ranges. The forests situated here are misty or cloudy and are flush with the orchids. Another important attraction about the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the numerous pre-Columbian ruins that can be found here. For many hikers and backpackers going through the Inca Trail or the “Inca Trial” as it is nicknamed by many travelers, the experience is generally exciting if not mystical.

winay-wayna-a-photo-2The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu does not hold the patent for the Inca Trails. There are thousands of these spread out throughout South America. But this four day trail to the Machu Picchu is one of a kind. You will past many ruins of the Incas before your arrival at the glorious little city retreat of the Incas at Machu Picchu. These retreats include the Llactapata, the Runkurakay, the Sayacmarca and the Phuyupatamarca. After passing through these, you will be at the great ruins by your fourth day.

Various tour agencies offer great packages whether you are starting your tour from Lima to Cusco or planning to stay at the Machu Picchu hotels. Cusco Peru is generally much higher altitude and many may prefer staying closer to the lower altitude destinations close to the Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail carried the pilgrims and many officials of the empire to the Machu Picchu. Through this road , you can witness many of the glories of the Inca civilization including the roads paved in boulders, the staircases, the tunnels as well as the wooden bridges built here which cross the rivers. You will pass through the cooler highlands and the warm cloudy forests with their spectacular views. As you pass here , you can get some special moments for meditation both about life and the sophistication of the Andean civilizations.

As you go through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you will see many ancient settlements of the Incas which were constructed using granite. These are blend in perfectly with the beautiful natural scenery which is simply spectacular. Along this trail are also great varieties of flora and fauna including its great orchids and the multicolored birds. The terrain here is almost surreal in its beauty and mystery. It is as if you have entered another world altogether. As you walk along, the scenery, landscapes as well as biodiversity changes to offer you awesome variety.

You can sample the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a professional tour company that will offer you great packages and an unforgettable experience during your tours here.

Treat yourself to the awesome hotel beach Samui experience

Thailand is one of the perfect holiday and retreat destinations around the globe. It is a very interesting place with a lot to offer the visitors, from sightseeing tours to very interesting sporting activities, it is just one of those places one could never feel bored in. There are a lot to explore in this place, for instance, the hotel beach Samui experience as well as the busy streets.

Thailand has some of the friendliest locals who are ready to assist you whenever the need arises. Ever smiling, you will always feel like you are a part of them. The hotel beach Samui offers its visitors is a sight to behold and one would certainly be hesitant about leaving such a wonderful destination. There is definitely something to hold you back from leaving such a destination.

  1. The great food

Thailand is one of the places in the world that offers some of the best food that will, without a doubt, leave you craving for more. One could choose from the wide variety of food that is offered at the hotels or in the many food stalls that line every corner of its streets. The question of whether or not you will have something to keep your mouth busy is not one to be asked here, as you will usually have something worth a try with the great variety of flavors that are offered.

  1. Wonderful services

The services that are offered at the hotels are fantastic. They have some of the friendliest staff who is always waiting to offer you their services. They make life easy for any visitor and assist you whenever you ask for assistance.

  1. Conducive temperature

During most part of the year, Thailand experiences warm humid temperatures. The temperatures are lovely and favor quite a number of activities. You will not stay locked away from the world because of the falling snow or the scorching sun. These temperatures are also very healthy.

  1. Spectacular beaches

Samui beaches are among some of the best beaches under the sun. The white sand and the blue waters are a sight to behold. Just walking along these spectacular beaches will somehow stir a unique feeling inside you. The feeling of the sand on your feet is an experience that you will desire to relive every now and again. The tranquil atmosphere offered by Samui beaches makes them the best destination to take an away-from-the-city retreat.

Thinking of going for a hotel beach Samui experience? Give the Prana Beach Villas a try. They offer the best adventures like SCUBA diving, sea kayaking, snorkeling and sailing among other interesting activities to the activity minded individuals. The neighboring communities have wonderful pubs and restaurants in which the visitors can spend their nights elegantly.  Accommodation come in varying levels with some visitors having the view of the beach at their disposal, others have the garden view and above all, the Prana suite which is made of a commodious living quarters and a private pool. It is located in the tropical Koh Samui Island along the Northern Coast.

Finding the Right Accommodation Near All Seasons Building in Bangkok

Bangkok offers a vibrant atmosphere and series of tourist attractions which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in South East Asia. There is so much to do in this sleepless Thai city ranging from great clubbing to dining options. You can taste the best of Thai cuisine here and a host of other international cuisines. The experience of Bangkok will assault all your senses and it is important to have a great refuge in this Thai city where you can enjoy top quality accommodation. When it comes to accommodation options, the city has the best hotels for all budgets. If you want a serene and elegant environment, a hotel near All Seasons building will be a great choice.

hotel near All Seasons building

hotel near All Seasons building

What to look for when considering a hotel in Bangkok


Whether you are in Bangkok for a holiday or a business trip, location is an important factor when choosing a hotel. If you are here on vacation, a hotel with a close proximity to social amenities, nature parks, beaches, restaurants and other tourist sites will be critical. For those who are on a business trip, accommodation near the Bangkok CBD will provide top quality options. If your preference is an elegant accommodation, close to town and surrounded by social amenities, then a hotel near All Seasons building would be perfect. Aetas Bangkok can be a good choice since it is situated not far from the city center.

Variability of rooms

Before you book a room in any hotel, it is essential to find out whether they have the kind of accommodation you are looking for. Do they have well furnished and spacious guest rooms? Are there VIP lounges for business professionals?  Aetas Bangkok has an array of deluxe rooms, governor suites, and a couple of executive and presidential suites to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.

Hotel facilities

The next factor to consider when looking for good Bangkok accommodation is the hotel facilities. These facilities will ensure that your stay here is truly enjoyable. For instance, if you are on vacation with your family, a swimming pool in the hotel will keep them busy and entertained. As a professional or business traveller, you will be looking for a host of business services such as Wi-Fi connectivity and printing services.  If you want a hotel near Seasons building that can offer you plenty of facilities for a five-star accommodation experience, Aetas Bangkok has top-class amenities, among them a fitness center, swimming pool, club, spa and Cyber café.


A good hotel should have great accessibility both to the main amenities in the city as well as the international airport. If you will be using a rental car, you will be looking for an accommodation option that offers you car parking or even airport shuttle services in case you will not be renting a car on your visit to the city. It is also important to look for a taxi service or a good public transport network with good accessibility in the city.

Hotel budget

To get the value for your money, you should dig out to know what services you will be getting.  You should look out for extras such as laundry services, cable connection, Wi-Fi connectivity and complimentary breakfast. If you book a hotel near All Seasons building, such as Aetas Bangkok, you can get some excellent value for money thanks to the array of services offered here at generally lower costs.

Why Your Burleigh Family Accommodation Choice Matters for Your Gold Coast Holiday

Burleigh is a favorite holiday and weekend destination with some analysts voting it number one beach in Australia. It has gorgeous beaches, restaurants, unique markets, boutiques, with world-class surf break making it a suitable destination even for a longer stay. However, you cannot enjoy your stay without a suitable accommodation for you and your family. Your choice for Burleigh Family Accommodation determines the success of your trip to Gold Coast. Here are a number of factors that make your choice for family accommodation crucial.

Space for children play

The compound should have enough space where kids can go and make fun. Your choice of accommodation will determine the enjoyment that the family will experience. Check all spacious Burleigh family accommodation and settle on the one that will provide what your children like most.

Proximity to Magnificent attractions and other facilities

Your primary goal for your visit to Burleigh is to enjoy the numerous attractions available. However, if you choose apartments that are far from most attractions, you will lose out. Make sure your accommodation is close to the coastline with views of sand and sea, and easy access to offshore. Other facilities like shopping malls should not be far from where you stay.


You need a fully furnished apartment will all amenities needed during your stay. The apartment should be air-conditioned and with other facilities like TV with Foxtel cable, the internet, kitchen, laundry, and pool. You can have all attractions outside the house but if your room lacks basic facilities, you will not enjoy your trip. Choose family accommodation that is fitted with all these facilities so that you can give your family a great experience.

Your Budget

The Burleigh family accommodation should be within your budget. The choice you make is important because, if you exceed your budget, other planned activities will be affected. You might not have enough money to visit all places in your schedule.  There are price ranges for family accommodation in Burleigh, and you will always find a suitable one for your family.

Post-booking communication

Most accommodation service providers have online booking services. To keep track of your booking, keep communicating with your service providers. This means that they must have valid contact details. Make sure you check if all contact details given are valid before you make any payment.


Your holiday cannot be enjoyable when you know you and your family do not have adequate security. Choose the apartment that has great security measures for you, your family and properties. Should your car or other properties be stolen, who should take responsibility? Make sure the security company employed in your apartment is of excellent repute.

The choice of family accommodation is critical to your holiday. They all want to have a great experience. Take your time and understand the preferences of your family members before you decide on the kind of accommodation you choose for them. After several hours of visiting various attraction sites, you need to have a comfortable place to rest.