February 7, 2023
+23 How To Solve A 2X2 Rubik's Cube (No Algorithms) 2022. With this method there

+23 How To Solve A 2X2 Rubik's Cube (No Algorithms) 2022. With this method there is no need to memorize complicated algorithms. R u2′ r’ u’ r u.

2x2 Rubik Algorithm
2×2 Rubik Algorithm from www.netlocity.com

R u2′ r’ u’ r u. Rotate the whole of your puzzle until the 2 solved corners are at the back of the cube. R u r’ u r u2 r’ antisune:

In This Video, Jack Shows How To Solve A 2X2 Rubk's Cube Without Using Confusing Algorithms.make Sure To Drop A Like If You Enjoyed The Video.

Find one of the corners of the top face and permute it so that it is located on the bottom face. R’ d2 r d r’ d’ r. Place your cube blue side down on the table and the green side facing up.

Match Up The White Pieces On The Top By Using The Algorithm:

Now, depending on the new arrangement of the colors of this cube, complete the step shown below. Solve half of the white face. We need to place the white pieces next to each other making sure that the side colors match, as seen on the first image.

Below Are The Steps From The Video, For Reference.

Start with the white face. R u r’ u r u2 r’ antisune: From there, you want to look at all the white pieces on the cube.

No One Said You Had To Be A Genius To Solve A Rubiks Cube, You Just Have To Have A Little Common.

Because it turns out that the rubik's cube along with rotating it forms a group. This is an easy 2×2 rubik's cube tutorial, where you don't need to learn move notation or long algorithms. At the end of the stage, you should have the upper part solved.

Here Are The Algorithms To Move A Piece From The Back Face To The Front.

Orientation of last layer (oll) here are the oll algorithms. My 2×2 oll algorithms for ortega/varasano method. 59 pages and very technical but it outlines how to approach the cube without guides.

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